Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer

The Welfare / Caring Officer is one who keeps in touch with sick or bereaved members or those members feeling isolated or lonely or who may be in need of moral or physical help.

      • Encourage your friends and family to notify us of members stress or inability to cope.
      • Send cards to sick or bereaved members
      • Advise Committee if support is needed, either by member visits or arrange transport to doctors or our shed meetings
      • Report to Management/committee as required, at general meeting. giving details of your activities.

The Welfare Officer is also responsible for the induction of new members into the RDMS, ensuring that they are fully aware of all aspects of the shed operations, in particular both their and other members health and safety.

The Rosebud and Districts Men’s Shed is a member of the Australian Men’s Shed Association which is funded by the Federal Department of Health to provide practical support to Men’s Sheds and deliver a wide range of services. It aims to improve the health and wellbeing of members and reduce the number of men who are at risk from preventable health issues that may emanate from isolation.

Through collaboration and strategic partnerships with national, state, territory and health related community services such as beyondblue, Heart Foundation, Department of Veteran Affairs, Cancer Council, AMSA has developed a range of resources and delivered a variety of national initiatives such as ‘Spanner in the Works? a men’s health project.

The AMSA website https://mensshed.org/ has available a variety of health-related resources and links such as:

Members Profile Form

RDMS Member Profile Update Form
To fill out your profile information:
  • At the bottom of this page you will see a form
  • Please fill in your Name and Email Address details
  • Enter your Profile Data details (See Example) .  
  • Once completed, click on the Submit button to send your information.
  • Your profile data will be included in the private Member Profiles.
  • You will receive a copy of your submission via the email address you have given.
Example ‘Profile Data’ Entry 

Name:      Bill Bloggs   ————————   (how you prefer to be called) 
Email:       billbloggs@gmail.com —————-   (primary email address)
Phone:     0401 234 567 or 03 5971 1234 ———-    (mobile & home)
Address:   199 Main St, Mornington, Vic 3931 ——   (full home address)
Hobbies:   Oil Painting, Archery, Sailing, Golf  —–   (top 5 in order of favourites)
Skills:         Accounting, Management, Art ———  (top 5 in order of skill level)
Interests:  Art, Music, Computers, Woodwork  —–  (top 5 in order of favourites)

Profile Form




Project Proposal Form

Members Profile Form

To get a Project approved by the MMS Committee, you need to complete an MMS Project Form with full details of the project and then submit it the Project Officer for forwarding to the Committee. 


Download: MMS Project Form Printable Version

Download:  MMS Project Form Editable Version